What is the connection between your eating habits and erection?

For many men, health is primarily a healthy potency. Unfortunately, most men have ED problems because of bad eating habits. Learn more about foods harmful for potency and those, which help improve your men’s health.

A photo of an overweight man sitting on an old couch with a very large unhealthy meal on his lap and a pint of beer in his hand. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes.

  1. Industrially produced beef, chicken and pork: they contain a significant amount of hormones added to the food of animals for accelerated recruitment. When you consume a large amount of such meat, the hormonal background changes.
  2. Beef: the most sophisticated blow to man’s power is beer. In addition to alcohol, it contains phytoestrogens – female sex hormones.
  3. Marijuana: it dramatically reduces testosterone levels in the blood and breaks the harmonious release of hormones. In addition, it damages chromosomes, thereby causing genetic mutations.
  4. Transgenic fats contained in fast food, margarine and even ice cream cause gene mutations and hormonal changes. The most important thing is that they reduce the level of testosterone production.
  5. Caffeine destroys free testosterone, which ultimately increases the level of female hormones. On the other hand, caffeine does not act for so long, and is rapidly excreted from the body.
  6. Alcohol: the main reason for the violation of the quality of erections against the background of alcohol consumption is a violation of the liver function and as a consequence – a violation of the exchange of male hormones, on which the normal sexual function depends.
  7. Bakery products contain acids, yeast and sugar able to lower the testosterone level.
  8. Food with cholesterol: on the one hand, cholesterol is needed for the body to produce testosterone, but on the other hand, its excess leads to clogging of blood vessels, including the vessels of the penis, which significantly worsens the erection.
  9. Sausage and various smoked products contain a smoking liquid. When ingested, it causes toxic damage to the tissues of the testicles – glands producing 95% of testosterone in the body.
  10. Sugar: A safe dose of sugar is not more than 50 g per day. High blood sugar is one of the main risk factors for impotence. Molecules of glucose inhibit the work of nerve endings, which negatively affects the erection.
  11. Natural fatty milk contains natural cow estrogen. Therefore, milk in large quantities is useful for children and women, and not for men. The main role here is also played by quantity. Up to a liter a day milk is safe.
  12. It has been experimentally proved that an increased sodium content lowers the production of testosterone. Salt, of course, is needed to regulate water balance in the body. But everything needs a measure. The excessive consumption of salt is harmful.
  13. Soy contains phytoestrogens – plant analogues of the female sex hormone. In small quantities, it is harmless, however, as a complete replacement of meat, it is not suitable, since the production of male sex hormones is inhibited.

Do you wonder if there is a diet for increasing potency and improve erection? You’ll be glad to find out that it exists.

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Which foods to include into your daily ration?

  1. Chocolate

According to the experiment, phenylethylamine, contained in bitter, natural chocolate, can increase the attraction between two people.

  1. Vegetable oils

Vegetable fats, the source of which are various vegetables, seeds and nuts, contain fatty vegetable acids, from which our body produces cholesterol – the basis of all sex hormones. Lack of cholesterol in the body harms sexual activity and leads to loss of sexual interest and desire.

  1. Oysters

They are considered a classic aphrodisiac. In fact, all seafood is saturated with mineral substances, integral components of sex hormones.

  1. Spices

Any spicy food is an indisputable item in the diet menu for erection, as well as those who want to improve their sexual life.

  1. Eggs

They contain a huge amount of B vitamins, especially B6 and B5, which help balance the hormone level and maintain the energy level.