At the moment, the most effective medicines for the treatment of this disease are Viagra and Cialis. Very often people are interested in which of these drugs is best, which one should they prefer? Both drugs require a man to be sexually aroused for the best effect. The effects of each of these drugs are slightly different, and we will try to provide you with basic information on these differences.

What are the specific differences between Viagra or Cialis?

Without a doubt, Viagra has a very common clinical experience in the world, since it has been counting for more than 15 years. Statistics have good news for men – more than 15 million men across the Earth had a chance to recover from impotence, because it is the most studied of all known drugs for the return of an erection.

But, nevertheless, slightly less well-known Cialis, nevertheless considerably surpasses Viagra by some characteristics. Its main feature was the time of action of the drug in as much as 36 hours. In comparison with Viagra this indicator does not exceed more than 5 hours. By the way, Cialis can be safely taken with food and even alcohol, but for Viagra this combination will have harmful consequences. The important fact is that the effect of Viagra occurs after at least 45-60 minutes, but with the reception of Cialis, this time is reduced to half an hour. Cialis, although someone does not like it, acts very smoothly and gently, that is, does not lead to a momentary erection. But at the same time there is a sparing effect on the male organism, because all natural processes are thus not violated. Viagra will always cost more than Cialis, because it is considered an original drug from a European manufacturer. But in the case of primary use of such drugs to improve potency and if there is doubt and fear of harming yourself, it is best, of course, to start taking Cialis. In this case, this decision must be confirmed by detailed consultation with the healthcare specialist. So, the success of a man in an intimate sphere always belongs only to him. And if there are certain problems, then there will always be effective methods for their treatment. The main thing is to choose an individual method of treatment.

TOP Men`sHealth drugs:

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  • Action: Viagra (about 6 hours), Cialis ( up to 36 hours)
  • Side effects: both drugs are considered to be safe, causing not serious adverse reactions, which are likely to take place if you don’t follow the dose instructions.
  • Contraindications: both drugs mustn’t be taken if you have heart problems, contraindicated to have sexual relations, have serious kidney or liver diseases, take other ED drugs or nitrates.
  • Alcohol interaction: Cialis can be combined with not much alcohol while you should avoid having alcohol or fatty food when use Viagra.

Cialis and Viagra are similar in many respects:

  • They are preparations – inhibitors of PDE-5. These drugs selectively dilate the vessels of the cavernous bodies of the penis, strengthening its blood filling, increasing in size and compacting.
  • Both have a convenient dosage form – tablets,
  • They have many generics.
  • They do not act without sexual arousal (without the beloved favorite woman and caresses).
  • Tablets should be taken before sexual intercourse in advance.

Viagra has a long history of use, is better known to consumers as a reliable drug for an erection. Cialis can be taken 2 times a week and provide you with the guarantee of the full value of sexual intercourse. Comparison of the duration of the action of Cialis or Viagra is 18 to 1. Such unique qualities of Cialis led to a rapid increase in its popularity. In conclusion, it must be said that both drugs are popular nowadays. Choose the best one for your personal needs.